Since 2008, Payal's Dance Academy has provided the city of Bangalore with a wide range of Belly dance education opportunities. Our regular structured, multi-level dance classes are spread across various areas in Bangalore. Interested in taking our Belly Dance course? Get in touch below.


Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta, the director of Payal's Dance Academy is an award winning, performing artist and master teacher with over nine years of teaching experience in India as well as internationally.

She has trained over 5000 students from all walks of life and believes that belly dance is for everyone.

She specializes in the "Raks Sharki" genre of belly dance but has always given equal importance to fusion styles as well. Her classes are filled with lessons that delve deep into techniques and musicality. 

For more information on Payal visit our contact page.


Keerthana is one of our youngest but insanely talented and award winning dancer and instructor of Payals Dance Academy since early 2018.  She is well versed in the oriental & tribal fusion styles of Bellydance, having been trained by several International master teachers like, Mercedes Nieto, Kami Liddle, Bindu Bolar, Sadie Marquardt, Issam Houshan, Aziza, Azad Kaan & Anasma Vuong. 


Sindhu, like all other members of the troupe, has been trained extensively by Payal Gupta since 2015 and has also taken lessons from master teachers such as Aziza (Canada) and Azad Kaan (Turkey). She is an extremely creative person and has never missed an opportunity to showcase her versatility. 

Her classes are just as fun and cheerful as she is and her love for belly dance shows in her teaching. 

Upasana Shenoi

With ten years of experience dancing the classical Indian art of 'Bharatanatyam', Upasana gave Belly dancing a shot and since 2016 has been exponentially progressing towards a professional Belly dance career. She has been trained in various styles of Belly dancing by Payal Gupta and has also taken lessons from the master teacher 'Sadie Marquardt' (Usa). Upasana is known for beautifully expressing while dancing and that has also won her a place in the "Rakkasa's Passion" Belly dance competition 2016. 

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